RSS at the Register

Drew Cullen editor in chief of the Register says 300,000 readers come in through RSS, partly driven by good naming conventions (story links read back to normal URLs). 15,000 come from Bloglines, reading 6 or 7 pages each, compared to average 11 or 12 pages for mainstream readers. The home page is now only 17% of traffic.

He says print weeklies make a classic mistake of holding back stories for the web. He say, just publish – because someone else will.

“Spam has killed newsletters”. Advertising with RSS is the next big thing, he says.

Angus Bankes, founder and CTO of Moreover, suggests we should all to move to full content feeds and then use advertising to monetise it. He also says the field is very important and often under-used.

Drew says “the blogging debate is very much an American debate – journalists in the States are thorough but boy are they boring“. This is what has created the fertile ground for blogs.

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