Analysis, Attitude and Arsiness…

…or “Putting personality back into Online Publishing” is the title of Mike Butcher’s presentation. Mike was a former editor of New Media Age and The Industry Standard and has a view that mainstream publishers have in some way lost connection with their readers in a way that blogs are starting to do. He says humour, irony, sarcasm, honesty, transparency and personality are the keys. These things don’t tend to map on what business journalists do. Personality is important but, he pleads … No pictures of cats!

This type of writing (blogging) is immediate and requires little formal editing. “Undesign” is a central notion – strip away the style in favour of the content. These are the themes …highly opionated…fast “raw” impressions…stand-up comedy…colour…tabloid (yes and no).

Some sites with character: The Inquirer, The Register, Gawker. They have in common.. quiryness, character. And they work, as the traffic shows.

He is enthusiastic about Podcasts – because they can be downloaded – but not webcasts (web TV) for the same reason although he thinks it will work in niches (although there is a skill gap issue).

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