Inside the echo chamber

The unforeseen nature of Donald Trump’s victory yesterday, and before that of the Brexit Leave Campaign, say something quite profound about the way in which US and UK populations now consume their information and form their views. As the Independent said today, it was the social media “echo chamber” which allowed the pro-Clinton US electorate […]

The rise of Reddit

Somehow a big shift has happened over the past year without me being aware of it. The first clue was when my sons began to talk about things they had been reading on Reddit.I remembered Reddit from a few years ago when it was an also-ran to Digg when at one time it looked like it […]

Recruiting by example

Techcrunch has an interesting piece about a job ad seeking a “Twitter Expert” in Greenwich Village, New York. The job ad, in Craigslist, explains how the applicant should apply: 1) Email me two tweets. The first should be about your experience. The second should by why you’re perfect for this job. If you exceed twitter’s […]