Whatever happened to e-contacts

For some reason completely opaque to me a thought popped into my head when I received my new iPhone 5, the latest pinnacle of the mobile experience (discuss). Whatever happened to the idea of automatically swapping electronic business cards? I know there are many iPhone apps which help manage contacts but that’s not really what I […]

Phone becomes wallet

I have been reading an interesting post from Springwise (one of my sources of innovation inspiration, by the way) which points the way to an ever greater role for the smartphone in our lives. Navigo is shortly going to be trialling a service in Paris which will allow travellers with NFC enabled smartphones to pay […]

Blogging from an iPhone

I haven’t used my iPhone to blog yet so I thought I would give it a go. I can’t find any authoring tools so I’m using the basic WYSIWYG editor on Blogger itself. One funny thing: it wouldn’t let me enter text except in the HTML box – although that seems to be working OK. […]