How to build a company

I spotted ReWork on my bookshelf yesterday and it reminded me how much I had enjoyed reading this thought-provoking account of 37 Signals’ business philosophy. That inspired me to see if I could find Jason Fried, the founder, talking about his approach and I found it here. Here are some of the main points: Don’t lose control […]

Old and new automative – a re-run of old and new media?

The battle between electric cars and traditional cars will follow the same lines as the battle between new and old media – here’s how. The first reaction of old media to the arrival of the internet was to dismiss it as irrelevant. Then, as the internet became more accepted traditional media companies dabbled, setting up […]

A new employer-employee compact

The old “job for life” certainties have gone but the laissez-faire approach which has replaced them is neither good for companies, nor good for employees argue Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh in the Harvard Business Review. For most of the 20th century, the compact between employers and employees in the developed world was […]

Lingering is bad for business

The FT ran an article last month which resonated considerably with me. The thrust of the piece was that lengthy goodbyes are not good for business. What is the point of these lengthy handovers? Once your departure is announced, your authority leaves with it. Your mind, however hard you try, is surely turning to what […]

The Lean Startup’s powerful idea

Like the rest of the world I have been reading the Lean Startup, the new book from serial entrepreneur Eric Ries. There is a lot of good advice in the book, which focuses on developing products which solve real problems and doing it in the most efficient way. But one idea really stood out for […]

Bowtie vs. Diamond

I have a theory that there are two basic shapes of organisation when it comes to organising IT – bow-tie and diamond. A bow-tie shaped organisation aims to keep the "business people" on one side of the bow-tie and the "techies" on the other side. The "knot" is where the two are supposed to meet, […]