Amazon warehouse accidents total 440. What’s the story?

According to a BBC news story “Amazon warehouse accidents total 440”. While this is obviously bad news for the people involved, is it good or bad compared to the industry as a whole? The tenor of the story implies it is bad news. But then the details of the story don’t quite back that up. […]

The power of the platform

What is the key to allowing large companies to move fast? Build great platforms. I first heard this insight being persausively argued in Mark Zuckerberg’s interview with John Battelle and Tim O’Reilly at Web 2.0 in 2010 – an age ago in internet time.  In this clip he tells how he urges his people to […]

Kindle – 1st generation PADD?

Doesn’t this look just like the universal reading pad thingies that Star Trek officers pass to each other when then want to take a close look at something? Welcome to the future. [Apparently this is a picture of Amazon’s Kindle 2 which it is widely anticipated will be announced on Monday – courtesy of Engadget.]

Google moves into internet computing

Google announced it was launching Google Apps, a scaleable computing on demand platform which will host and scale internet applications (watch part 1 of the video presentation here). Techcrunch gives its take on the move. It should give Amazon something to think about.