Iran reporting tests journalism

This morning’s piece in The Observer by Lindsey Hilsum, international editor of Channel 4 News, and Peter Beaumont illustrated perfectly the challenges and dangers of reporting in a user-generated world which Jeff Jarvis outlined so well yesterday. The story reads as if the writers had either personally witnessed much of what went on in Tehran […]

Building the new news archetype

Jeff Jarvis has an interesting post arguing what mainstream media needs to do to meet the challenges of the user-generated world. Using what is happening in Iran as the catalyst he argues that news organisations should concentrate on curation and on trying to verify the enormous amount of content coming out of the country on […]

Interesting thought….

Fred Wilson at 140 Conference Originally uploaded by jonny goldstein. From Fred Wilson at the 140 Conference as caught by Jonny goldstein’s brilliant “visual note”: conversion is much higher on links passed on through Facebook and Twitter. So, could either give Google’s AdWords a run for it’s money? Maybe….

Bezos on innovation

Om Malik blogged about Jeff Bezos’ talk at the Wired Business Conference in New York and it makes a thought-provoking read. He says the Amazon founder talked about a lot of things covered elsewhere so he chose to focus on what he said about innovation and entrepreneurship. The key lessons?Innovation is hard in big companies […]

Twitter’s 10 rules for radical innovators

I’ve been reading an interesting post by economist-of-the-moment Umair Haque in which he set out the ten rules which define Twitter. Ideals beat strategies Open beats closed Connection beats transaction Simplicity beats complexity Neighbourhoods beat networks Circuits beat channels Laziness beats business Public beats private Messy beats clean Good beats evil Read the post to […]

The opportunities of online data

Tom Coates at Webstock 09 from Webstock on Vimeo. The presentation given by Tom Coates, the product manager of Yahoo’s FireEagle, at Webstock 09 in New Zealand is now online. It’s well worth a look if you’ve got 50 minutes to spare as he has produced an excellent summary of the online data space and […]

BBC Jobs Tracker

The BBC’s Jobs Tracker is a nice example of taking news – in this case about job losses over time – and providing access to the information in various ways: on a map mash-up as an infographic with a time slider as stories and as analysis There have to be plenty of examples of running […]

Google adds people into the equation

Google has launched a tool set for aiding the mass translation of documents. Called Google Translator Kit (Techcrunch review here) it adds a human dimension to the already pretty awesome computerised translation available for free among other things through Gmail. In a nutshell the Translator Kit allow people to upload a document (or add a […]

Microsoft vs Google: Why Karma Matters

In a week when Microsoft unveils its new Bing search engine and Google announced Google Wave, online document company Zoho has weighed in with its own analysis. Zoho argues that even when Microsoft develops superior technology the developer community and independent companies such as Zoho will not put their efforts behind it because of suspicion […]

Internet manifesto

I’ve just been reading a great post from Tom Steinberg on outlining his views on what would constitute an internet manifesto for Government. His basic premise is that the arrival of the internet is as important as (but crucially different from) electrification and the invention of shipping containerisation. Citing a recent speech by Gordon […]