Media in the open

This is the weatherman for ESPN Chicago doing his stuff in a studio in a shop front on Michigan Avenue. It gives new meaning to the term “transparent media”.

Brand perils in the advertising economy

This is a screenshot of the Wall Street Journal daily email that I received this morning.Clearly someone, somewhere in the venerable WSJ thought it was  a great idea to carry some network adverting on the mail shot – after all, why not? Money for old rope.Problem is that it is old rope that these ads […]

Kabbage finds niche

One of the really interesting things about the internet is the way that the data which is thrown off creates new and exciting businesses that simply could not have existed before. One such case was brought to my attention by an article in Bloomberg Businessweek about startup Kabbage.  Kabbage – named after the slang name […]

Phone becomes wallet

I have been reading an interesting post from Springwise (one of my sources of innovation inspiration, by the way) which points the way to an ever greater role for the smartphone in our lives. Navigo is shortly going to be trialling a service in Paris which will allow travellers with NFC enabled smartphones to pay […]

Scribe – doing the job for me?

I was reading about the new feature called Scribe on the Blogger in Draft blog. This post is being written using this interesting auto-suggestion system. It takes some time to get used to reading the word forming ahead of the cursor – which you need to do if you are going to really take advantage of the functionality. And for touch-typists it is probably […]

New Blogger iOS app

I’ve just installed the new Blogger App for the iPhone which has just been released. This has been an age in coming – blogging on the go to Google’s blogging platform has been painful in the extreme while services like Posterous raced ahead with multiple very easy ways to blog on the go. Perhaps this […]