Paying (or not) online

The continuing – and ever-more raucous – debate on paid content online got me thinking about what I pay for and why. Here’s the list: MobileMe – not sure why I pay for this, except that I was caught up in the hype and haven’t got round to doing anything about it. There are probably […]

Of Murdoch, the BBC and Google

An interesting Observer today (for a change) which has prompted some thoughts on the Murdoch/BBC and Google Books debates. First up, Murdoch. The Observer gave continuing coverage to the reaction following on from James Murdoch’s speech in its story about a dinner row between Robert Peston and Murdoch(!) Murdoch’s argument, in case you missed it, […]

Translations which are good enough

The current issue of Wired had a very thought-provoking article which argued that “good enough” was now a viable business model in many fields. The examples of technologies where consumers had apparently determined that what was on offer was good enough included Skype (patchy quality, but free), Flip video cameras (not brilliant quality and lacking […]

Posterous 101

Steve Rubel has posted a guide to Posterous, a relatively new and extremely flexible blogging platform. That description hardly does justice to the amazing flexible toolset of Posterous, which it seems can do almost everything except make the tea. Well worth a read – and worth experimenting with the service. [Posted with iBlogger from my […]

Writing for both audiences

I was interested in this great post from Yelvington which describes the two things necessary to cater for the twin newspaper audiences – the loyal regular reader and the ocassional visitor, maybe brought in by the search engine. The answer, says Yelvington, is the beat blog and the topic page. I was particularly taken with […]

Twitter the platform

The innovations around Twitter just keep on coming, proving, if nothing else, that an open platform is the best spur to innovation there is. Yesterday I noticed a couple of posts like this one which point to a simple discussion thread created by an application called Tiny Thread. It’s a simple but powerful add-on to […]

Microsoft woes

I wonder whether the news that Microsoft, still the world’s largest software company, posted profits down 29% in the second quarter may turn out to be a very significant turning point? Microsoft has in the past been a shining example of the law of increasing returns where everything they produce pushes more developers to develop […]

The new community site foundations?

I attended and very stimulating meeting yesterday morning with the Flightglobal team discussing the future of navigation on the site. It’s a hard topic, and nobody has all the answers anywhere, partly because web publishing is still an evolving medium. However, a lot of progress was made and some general principles agreed which I’m sure […]

Mindmapping in public

There’s a great interactive experiment on the Mashable site where Steve Rubel has invited collaborators to help complete a mindmap charting the future of blogging. All that’s required is a ID on mindmeister, the online mindmap site. I can see some real uses for this on our b2b sites.

Elsevier’s experimental articles

Elsevier has announced an experimental project to design the scientific “article of the future”. There are currently two prototypes which our sister company is inviting comment on from the scientific community here and here and from my standpoint these look like pretty good attempts to update the scientific article formula. I particularly like the way […]