What Mumbai traffic and Twitter have in common

The thing that strikes you most about the traffic in Mumbai apart from the sheer quantity and chaos of it all, is the endless noise of car and scooter horns tooting incessantly. When you first hear these you mistake them for the sounds of frustration. But you soon notice the signs on the back of […]

The thought behind Amazon’s reviews

A great article from The Silicon Valley Insider uncovers the secrets of Amazon’s approach to customer reviews. How do you make sure the most useful reviews bubble to top? And how do you make it easy to see the negative and neutral reviews, as well as the good ones? These are the questions Amazon wrestled […]

China’s mobile news

jmuttram Originally uploaded by jmuttram. This is a photo I took of an ad in the China Daily newspaper for their mobile news service. In mobile, China are ahead of us…

A new kind of attention

How do you use Twitter (if you do)? It strikes me that a new approach to attention is required that perhaps we are not automatically hard-wired to adapt to. In the analogue world we would have an in-tray which would fill up with mail and which we would empty. An empty in-tray implied we were […]

More thoughts on the future of news

Just read the transcript of Stephen Johnson’s talk on the future of news media which he gave at SXSW in Austin, Texas a couple of days ago. In the talk he gives an optimistic assessment of the prospects of news reporting in the future with two possible exceptions: war reporting and international coverage. Johnson uses […]

The future of London

The Mayor has his feet firmly on the ground, as usual. Perhaps we could all get a subsidised Californian electric supercar in order to make London a nicer place to live.