YouTube Adds Downloads

Mashable reports that YouTube will be adding a download option to some videos, which will include the option to add payments via the Google Checkout service. This opens up the possiblity, notes Mashable, that YouTube could become a competitor to iTunes, especially in the mobile space. Interesting. Separately, Google has pulled out of selling radio […]

Sign of the tmes

It’s a real sign of the times – Techcrunch reports that Google has bought a paper mill. The disused mill is in Finland and apparently cost €40m.

Twitter changes things at TOC

Tools of Change Twitter tidbits is Teleread’s account of how Twitter is changing the way real world events work (in this case at TOC), from a back channel of conversation going on in parallel to the one of the stage, to the phenomenon of people changing conference tracks based on which look more interesting on […]

Kindle – 1st generation PADD?

Doesn’t this look just like the universal reading pad thingies that Star Trek officers pass to each other when then want to take a close look at something? Welcome to the future. [Apparently this is a picture of Amazon’s Kindle 2 which it is widely anticipated will be announced on Monday – courtesy of Engadget.]

iPhone websites

Great advice here on how to scale website so they show up properly on an iPhone. Easy really. Technorati Tags: iPhone,101,web

PE – adapting to survive

Interesting editorial in the FT about the changing role of Private Equity in a world where easy, cheap debt is much harder to find and where the old tactics of cost reduction and sell-on no longer look tenable. Worth a read. Technorati Tags: private equity,economy,downturn

Google diy display advertising

This one passed me by – Google is offering diy display advertising. Simply select a template, customise it with your words and images, choose your targets and you’re ready to go – on the Google Content Network which is “1 million sites reaching over 75% of unique internet users in more than 20 languages and […]

Advice on web business models

There’s a great post by Fred Wilson, a New York-based VC, who writes about internet business models. He says the obsession with revenue isn’t the only – or even the best – way for internet start ups to build success. Focussing on costs can be more rewarding, since valuations are based on future profit streams. […]