Hinchcliffe on 2009

Social media commentator Dion Hinchcliffe lists his tips for 2009 including:1. tight budgets will drive the adoption of web 2.0 and cloud computing;2. internal use of web 2.0 technologies will continue apace, though successful external implementations will continue to prove elusive; and3. the harsh economy will drive IT and business to align more closely with […]

Three steps to significance

Great philosophical post from tech manual mogul Tim O’Reilly where he considers how to get meaning from business. Called Work on Stuff that Matters he comes up with three principles:1. Work on something that matters to you more than money: Whatever you do, think about what you really value. If you’re an entrepreneur, the time […]

Dealing with 21st Century Economics

There’s a thought-provoking post by Umair Haque which has been popping up on Twitter among other places which tries to set out the challenges facing us all in the current difficult circumstances. Haque, who is director of the Havas Media Lab, believes this is no mere recession but a shifting of the global economic tectonic […]

End of an era?

Just read a very thought-provoking post by Jeff Jarvis which argues that the economic woes we are facing aren’t just another economic downturn (even if a big one) but something more fundamental: the start of a large reshaping of entire industries being wrought by the 15-year-old internet. Bill Gates famously said that we have a […]

A fresh start in 2009?

I’ve been reflecting about this blog over the Christmas and New Year break. I started it, unbelievably, in September 2005 just ahead of the RBI Editor’s Conference on the 22nd. The original purpose was to illustrate a point: that self-publishing using blogging software was powerful, was here to stay, and was a significant threat or […]

Twitter as a polling mechanism

This is a nice idea from The Unofficial Apple Weblog – using Twitter simply to poll two different options (I guess you could use more, though obviously the question has to be pretty tightly written!)UPDATE: If you need an industrial strength way of polling, try Twtpoll

More power to Google Docs

Robert Scoble has a couple of video interviews with the guys behind Panorama, an OLAP product available through Google Spreadsheets as a gadget. Part one is here and part two here. The second part shows how a free connector for Salesforce.com works. Clever stuff, and more evidence of the trouble ahead for Microsoft in 2009. […]