The future of computing

About eight years ago I went with a bunch of colleagues from Reed Elsevier to visit the Microsoft campus in Redmond and was treated to a presentation from Rick Rashid, the head of Microsoft Research. The most striking thing I heard him say was that they knew exactly what to build, it was just that […]

404 error pages that work

Smashingmagazine has a feature on 404 error pages which really work, reflecting the site’s character and helping disgruntled users to find what they are looking for, even when the site navigation lets them down. The gallery has lots of great examples. Really worth a look. Technorati Tags: 404, web

Twitter power

There has been a sudden upsurge in public discussion of Twitter prompted by celebrity Twitterers such as @wossy (Jonathan Ross) and @stephenfry (guess who). This has deflected attention away from the hugely imaginative and creative developments which are taking place in the Twitter ecosystem. There has been an explosion of apps allow access to Twitter […]

Brilliant ad for T-Mobile

Great ad filmed at 11am on Thursday 15th January 2009 at Liverpool Street station, London (hat tip to Steve Clayton.) Technorati Tags: advertising, mobile

The case for international co-ordination

There were several interesting (for different reasons) pieces in this morning’s Observer which gave me pause for thought. The first was a glib piece on the “plans” for a Google “GDrive” which technology correspondent David Smith says prompts “campaigners [to] warn that it would give the online behemoth unprecedented control over individuals’ personal data.” It […]

Twitter use in the UK explodes by ten times says Hitwise

It has been noted for some time that Twitter seems to be taking off, but here is the proof: Techcrunch shows the Hitwise chart for Twitter traffic in the UK: up by ten times. Time to reconsider your attitute to the love-it-or-hate-it microblogging platform, I’d say!

Web 2.0 and the search for a business model

Interesting post on Centre Networks on Web 2.0 business models in comparison to Web 1.0. I think the post – and subsequent conversation – leaves out one more important business model: selling their cool technology to one of the big services. (It’s a perfectly reasonable business model – in a sense it’s what the biotech […]

Twitter news

Very interesting development born from mashing up Yahoo’s BOSS service (roll-your-own search) and Twitter, as reported on Techcrunch. Called Tweetnews it was created by Vik Singh, a developer on the BOSS team, to find real breaking news, and was achieved, apparently, with 100 lines of (opensource) code. Apart from the fact that this is an […]

Grim views on publishing

Investors Chronical’s assessment of the prospects of the publishing sector makes grim reading. IC makes the point that many publishers have yet to reach the optimal balance between print and online (whatever that may be) and that even after the investments in online technology, digital revenues have been slow to build. In addition, digital advertising, […]