Twitternap makes the FT

Mike Butcher, the UK arm of Techcrunch, is squatting the online identity of culture secretary Andy Burnham in protest at his suggestion that a cinema-style rating system might be introduced for the internet. According to the FT techblog, which reports on the incident at length, Mr Butcher will retain Mr Burnham’s Twitter account “until such […]

Prescription for a digital future for news

Edward Roussel of the Telegraph has a long post outlining the challenges he sees facing newspapers today and some suggestions about how to tackle them, including a 10 point plan. Among the tips are: “narrow the focus”, “engage with your readers”, “embrace multimedia” and “invest in the web”. Sound advice.Update: John A. Byrne of BusinessWeek […]

Online ads and effectiveness reports on a survey by Burst Media which it says shows just how little tolerance users have to ad-cluttered sites. More than half say they have a low tolerance for more than two ads per page 27% say they will only tolerate one ad per page Just over 25% say they will only tolerate […]

A symbol for our times?

The Web 2.0 equivalent of the coffee-pot webcam – updated for our world. Control Lights with Twitter from Justin Wickett on Vimeo. Pointless, but strangely compelling… Technorati Tags: internet, twitter

The world of Web 2.0

Ever wished there was one single page with every Web 2.0 company you could imagine listed on it – it’s here. How many will still be here in a couple of years? Who knows? Technorati Tags: web2

Brickhouse to close

Yahoo’s innovation hot-house in San Francisco, Brickhouse, is to close. The products it has been responsible for – Pipes and FireEagle, for instance – seem to be safe according to Twitter reports from insiders. Technorati Tags: innovation, recession, yahoo

Gmail gets task focused

Gmail is looking more and more formidable as Google piles on the functionality. The latest addition is tasks which is added from the Labs functionality. This follows on the heels of video functionality for Google Talk and the integration of widgets including Google Calendar from within Gmail itself. Technorati Tags: Gmail,Google,office productivity

Media needs to catch up

It is a testament to how much the world has become connected by the web that when you see something like this it just seems so lame and so anachronistic. You can read a review of the Nintendo DSi which has just launched in Japan, or watch events than happen all over the world, but […]