US election online

This US election will be the most online, real-time election in history, without a doubt. There’s a Flickr show with pictures tagged with "election08", countless blogs and all the online news sources, of course. But perhaps the most interesting example of the new social technologies at work is Twitter. You can see a stream of […]

Replacing the newspaper

Jeff Jarvis is following up from his New Business Models for News Summit at CUNY with a thoughtful post outlining the way forward for local news organisations. It sets out the framework very well, I think. The comments add some real insight, too, so do read it… Technorati Tags: news,new media,new economics

Salesforce links with Amazon and Facebook

Salesforce, the software-as-a-service customer relationship management platform, has announced integration with both the Facebook platform and Amazon’s on-demand cloud computing services, reports MacWorld. The Facebook development will allows developers on the "Force" platform to build applications which operate within Facebook. An example might be a recruiting app which allows Facebook users to recruit from among […]

APIs galore

Techcrunch has some interesting charts showing the development of web APIs, based on the sterling work done by ProgrammableWeb, has been tracking the development of APIs for over three years. The total tracked has now climbed to over 1,000, which shows just how mainstream the mash-up is becoming. The ProgrammableWeb site is a great resource […]