YouTube tutorials

Thanks to’s tip of the day for pointing out that YouTube is host to a plethora of tutorial videos on everything imaginable, including on the popular video editing software which may be of help to journalists: Final Cut Pro iMovie Movie Maker All you need to do to find them is search for "tutorial" […]

Wassup Obama

Why don’t we see political ads like this in the UK? Technorati Tags: Obama,commercial,YouTube,Budweiser,spoof

Google Maps with traffic

It may be that I’ve only just noticed it but Google Maps is now available in the UK with live traffic overlays. This section of the M25 should illustrate the point. Technorati Tags: Google, maps

Linking to a specific part of a video

Techcrunch reports that YouTube have introduced a feature which allows you to link to a particular part within a video. To specify a point, append a tag to the end of your video link with the following syntax: “#t=1m45s” (you can change the numbers before the ‘m’ and ’s’ to edit the minutes and seconds, […]

Filtering out what you don’t want

Likehacker, the make-life-more-efficient website, has come up with a really creative use of tags. We’re used to using tags to see content about a particular thing; Lifehacker have introduced the concept of using tags to avoid a particular thing. For instance their “politics and election free” feed uses tags to provide a feed of their […]

Money from blogs

Who says there’s no money in blogging. AOL just marked the three-year anniversary of their acquisition of Weblogs, Inc. by releasing some stats. It’s worth stepping through the slides and reading the post but highlights are: worldwide unique visitors up nearly 1000% page views rise over 1,500% revenues up from $6m to $30m employees up […]

Three lessons from Steve Jobs

Steve Rubel draws some lessons for the upcoming recession from Steve Jobs: Soar with your strength Simplify everything Be a premium brand That’s it. That simple. Technorati Tags: Apple,Steve Jobs,lessons,recession

Signs of the times…

…from my peripatetic colleague Nigel Evans at London Residential Research: Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 How the mighty, etc etc Technorati Tags: pictures,recession,humour

Google Analytics advances

Google has announced improvements to its Analytics package, according to the Google Press Center. The enhancements include custom reports, advanced segmentation, an API (currently in private beta) and “motion charts” which “provide advanced but easy-to-se multi-dimensional analysis.” What will this do for sales of enterprise analytics packages, especially in a downturn?

Blogging journalists

Paul Bradshaw has put together an epic series of posts based on his survey of blogging journalists which gives a great snapshot of the state of the art: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six and part seven. Technorati Tags: blogging,survey,journalism