CBS citizen journalists

US broadcaster CBS has created an iPhone app so that anyone can submit pictures automatically to its network and report on current news events in their area. The app also allows users to browse what others have been uploading. u Technorati Tags: newspapers, photos, user generated content

iPhone apps a great hit

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that Apple is on track for 1 billion iPhone app downloads by 2009. Not all those are paid for, but still – quite a figure. Technorati Tags: Apple, iPhone

Lifecycle of a story web 2.0 style

There’s a great post by Alison Gow detailing how much different the act of creating a news story is in a web 2.0 world (thanks to the Online Journalism Blog for the pointer). It’s a great checklist for journalists and their editors and shows just how much has been added by the recent slew of […]

d.construct in URLs

I’ve spent the day at d.construct 08, the quirky web design conference in Brighton which I have been going to for the part few years. In previous years I’ve blogged the experience but I’ve tended to find that distracting and it has reduced the experience for me. This year I’m trying something different: recording the […]

Google Chrome launches today

Google will announce today the launch of its own browser called Chrome. The browser has been built from the ground up to be robust enough to run applications of all sorts, as the company intensifies its challenge to Microsoft’s desktop model. The browsers features are ingeniously described in this online comic from the development team. […]