Blogging from iBlogger

A new version on iBlogger has just been released which has solved the multiple blogs in Blogger problem. Still no pictures, sadly, but great to be able to blog from the iPhone. Mobile Blogging from here. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone]

Google channel

I’ve noticed a rash of "how to" videos from Google referenced by various Google blogs. They can all be found on the "Official Google Channel" – a home page on YouTube. Technorati Tags: Google,video,101,how-to

Spectrum white spaces explained

Google’s Public Policy Blog helpfully points to a video which explains in layman’s terms the issue with “white spaces” – or the gaps between the radio spectra being used by the big broadcasters. No prizes for guessing Google’s position on the issue… Technorati Tags: radio,spectrum,policy,white spaces,Google

Sound words in difficult times

Amidst the thousands of words which have been written about the credit crunch and more latterly about the proposed $700bn bail-out for Wall Street, this comments stands out in the crowd. It now looks likely that the deal will get approved after frantic weekend negotiation. Let’s see what happens next. Technorati Tags: credit crunch, finance

Android day

It’s supposed to be Android Day today – the day Google officially launches the Android mobile phone operating system. Although widely tipped as a yawn by comparison to the iPhone near-hysteria, it is likely in the end to have far-reaching effects on the mobile landscape. Take a look at this post for some idea of […]

Google’s view of the future

An interesting blog post from a couple of Google engineers speculating on what the convergence of cloud computing and massive hardware and software improvements might mean for humanity. Technorati Tags: computing, convergence , future, Google, predictions

City money and the housing market

My friend Andrew Don spotted this nugget in a Times piece on the expected clamp-down on city excesses: Savills estimates that £5.5 billion was invested in property last year by City bonus buyers alone. More woes for the property market ahead! Technorati Tags: property,credit crunch,city bonusses

Online ads continue to grow

According the European Interactive Advertising Association, online advertising will continue to grow through 2009 and 2010. The association’s Marketers’ Internet Ad Barometer found 81% of advertisers saying their budget would grow (by 16% next year and 17% in 2010). Technorati Tags: advertising,online,predictions