Show us a better way

The UK Cabinet Office has launched a site aimed at encouraging budding entrepreneurs to suggest cool things to do with public data – and it’s offering a prize fund of £20k to grease the wheels… Technorati Tags: Government

Blogging v. journalism

Robert Scoble, ex-Microsoft Blogger, now Fast Company TV host/producer and still a blogger, writes an interesting piece illustrating the difference between old fashioned magazine journalism (complete with fact checkers and editors) and blogging. Despite the benefits of all those people now watching his back, his verdict: better a blogger. Technorati Tags: blogs, media

One killer mobile platform?

Mobile Internet World is suggesting that Nokia and Google may be about to do a deal to converge the Symbian and Android platforms to create one near-universal platform for the mobile phone. This, they argue, could create conditions to those sparked by Microsoft’s Windows platform play for PCs. Technorati Tags: mobile,symbian,android,platforms

LinkedIn in the news (or the other way round)

LinkedIn continues its run of innovations with news of a tie up with the New York Times which will see customised news delivered to users based on their interests (i.e. which industry they are in). This is a nice idea – I wonder if our B2B titles shouldn’t be offering something similar, given the fact […]

New newsrooms

Jeff Jarvis has started an interactive spreadsheet where he is challenging readers to reduce the headcount of a large news organisation by 30%. He has started the ball rolling by showing where he would cut (national news, for instance) and where he would increase (local blogger reward programme). Not only is it an interesting exercise […]

Outsourcing the platform

A provocative piece by Jeff Jarvis suggesting that newspapers should outsource their web platforms – and perhaps their ad sales business – to Google. The idea came from a breakfast discussion with Edward Roussel, head of digital at the Telegraph, apparently. Technorati Tags: newspapers, online, outsourcing

Google’s “Digg” search 101

Mike Arrington of Techcrunch gives a clear video demo of the new social search functionality which Google is testing quietly on random people who are using its search engine. Technorati Tags: Google, search, social media

Hubdub – predicting the news

Hubdub is a news prediction site which aims to use crowdsourcing to predict the outcome of events. The site uses Hubdub dollars (every registered user starts with H$1,000) to reward those who are correct and penalise those who aren’t and this mechanism is meant to mimic the actions of a real marketplace. Nice Web 2.0 […]

Yahoo is the BOSS

Interesting moves by Yahoo! to crowdsource (definition) search. This from the announcement on the site: So what is BOSS?BOSS is a new, open platform that offers programmatic access to the entire Yahoo! Search index via an API. BOSS allows developers to take advantage of Yahoo!’s production search infrastructure and technology, combine that with their own […]