Making Twitter useful?

GroupTweet is a service which allows a group account to be set up on Twitter which all the members of a group will then get automatic updates from. I could see it being used by a development team, or a sales team – indeed any small group that have a higher-than-average interest in what each […]

Different ways to see the world

I was watching a really remarkable video the other day – of a talk given by neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor at TED. The talk contains a harrowing – and at the same time funny – account of when she suffered a haemorrhage in the left side of her brain which then slowly shut down leaving […]

Google moves into internet computing

Google announced it was launching Google Apps, a scaleable computing on demand platform which will host and scale internet applications (watch part 1 of the video presentation here). Techcrunch gives its take on the move. It should give Amazon something to think about.

MS vs iPhone

Spotted on Gare du Nord station in Paris yesterday. The previous day, by coincidence I spotted a series of similar themed ads (although in English of course) on the London Underground. This new ad campaign can have nothing to do, surely, with the news that Apple shot to third place behind Nokia and Blackberry in […]

Google Docs goes offline

Robert Scoble interviews Kevin Norton from the Google Docs team who demos new offline functionality in Docs – more trouble for Microsoft. Technorati Tags: Google, productivity, video