AdSense for Video

AdSense for video is now out in beta. I had a chance to see the way Google was implementing this a few months ago and I must say it looked very elegant. Some criteria apply. Technorati Tags: advertising, video

Podcasting from your phone

Robert Scoble, ex-Microsoft blogger, ex-Podtech vlogger and now heading off to Fast Company, tells of a new API from BlogTalkRadio which allows you to create a podcast directly from your phone and publish it in an RSS feed. Technorati Tags: mobile, podcasting

Face detection for laptops

Interesting video about face recognition software which is now able to run on a standard laptop. The video talks about some potential uses for the technology, which would eventually be able to run on a mobile phone. Technorati Tags: research, video

Those who get it and those who don’t…

The Buzz Bin posts about the companies that get the purpose of social media (Dell, Southwest, GM) and those who don’t (RIM – makers of the Blackberry, Apple, Facebook, Twitter). They are interesting (and sometimes counter-intuitive) lists. Technorati Tags: PR, social media

Expenses on the iPhone

Google has just released forms for it’s Google Docs spreadsheet application. This post from MacOS X Hints explains how powerful this can be when combined with an iPhone. Just make a form to collect your expense details, share it with yourself, save it onto your iPhone home screen and there you have it. Technorati Tags: […]

Second time around

Scoble has decided to take advertising on his site. Why? Because he wants some cash to pay for more content. It sounds almost naive to hear him talk about the relationship between the ad dollars and the editorial resource it will buy. It’s like the cycle is going round again. The 5th Estate moves on… […]

5th Estate

Has the “Fifth Estate” finally arrived? The Buzz Bin argues recognition is coming at last. Technorati Tags: blogs, media, 5th estate