An essay on the importance of learning how to fail. Technorati Tags: online, tips

Newsroom questions answered

Looking to find out what editors-in-chief of the world’s newspapers think about the rapidly changing media landscape? Best practices in integrating your paper’s print and online operations? How about involving your readers in the news process? What about this social media phenomenon on which younger generations seem fixated? And what do actual editors think of […]

Meeting the challenge of publishing in 2008

Publishing 2.0 provides its own advice for media companies wanting to thrive in 2008:1. Networks are the new distribution channels2. People are more powerful than institutions3. The best content comes from many sources4. Search still rules5. Advertising must create value. I won’t go into each one here, but they are well argued and well worth […]

Open up to value creation

Jeff Javis on the Flickr Commons project which aims to identify and tag Library of Congress images. This is exactly what we are hoping to do with the vast Flight archive. If the audience are able to add the value, I firmly believe they will. Technorati Tags: online, creative commons

Online ads exploding

Jeff Jarvis blogs about a recent trip to the Guardian where David Muir, CEO of WPP’s The Channel says online advertising in the UK is now at 25% (far ahead of the U.S.). He predicts it will surpass TV — and all other media — next year, but he cautioned that 79% of that online […]

How to be effective in meetings

Chris Brogan posts up his thoughts about how to run successful meetings. First point, he says, is that there are bascially three types of meetings: announcement meetings; status meetings; and brainstorming meetings. It is important to know which you are running at the outset. Another key takeaway: “Brevity is your friend. Meetings over 1/2 hour […]