Is your business too complex?

Harvard Business School sets out to answer the question with an online interactive tool and some free (and paid-for) resources to help you deal with the answer. Technorati Tags: tools

Web 2.0 office apps

Great list of Web 2.0 office applications from Ismail Ghalimi who runs the Office 2.0 blog. Well worth a read if you’re look for alternatives to Microsoft (and even Google). Technorati Tags: web2

EMAP to concentrate on b2b

PaidContent has announced that Emap will sell its consumer magazines and radio divisions to H. Bauer for £1.14 billion, and that from now on it will focus itself on b2b. Emap will keep its business-to-business publishing division and will now “be a focused B2B business”. It bought retail and food online industry news source Planet […]

BBC guildelines

I don’t know how long the BBC have had their guidelines for journalists up on their website, but I’ve only just come across them. Might be worth a read, if only out of idle curiosity. Technorati Tags: BBC, TV

Blogging vs. social networking

ProBlogger muses about the role of blogging and social networking and has a cautionary tale for those considering giving up their blogs to spend more time on social networks like Facebook. The bottom line: don’t. Or so argues Darren Rowse. Technorati Tags: blogs, Facebook, social media

Microsoft fights back (a bit)

Microsoft has announced the launch of Microsoft Search Server 2008 which will deliver enterprise wide search just like the Google Search Appliance – but with a free Express version available as a free download and with no ceiling on numbers of documents searched.   Technorati tags: Google, Microsoft, search

Beacon switched off

For those following the storm of protest around the Beacon advertising system introduced by Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, has now apologised to users and added a switch so that the feature can be switched off. Technorati Tags: Facebook, social media

Guardian goes 24/7

The NUJ has voted at the Guardian for a new contract which scraps from current 9-day-in-any-fortnight cap and increases working weekly hours from 35 to 40. The deal didn’t come cheap: the Guardian agreed to a 4.8% pay increase now and a further inflation-related on next April. And there are new securities covering redundancies, according […]


Wired launches its 10th Annual Vapourware Awards for software (and hardware) which promised to deliver but is just not there. Some of the nominations already on the site: Duke Nukem Forever – delayed countless times Tesla Roadster – the world’s fastest clean energy car (slowest in the world to get built?) IRAQ WMD – well??? […]

2007 as seen through Yahoo’s eyes

Yahoo has published its top trends for 2007 based on what has appeared most on its search engine. Google announced its trends a day later (as reported by Techcrunch.) Technorati Tags: trends, search