Mobile payments begin…

paidContent reports that O2 is running a trial of a new mobile payments system in London. Nokia 6131 handsets using Near Field Communications technology will allow 500 lucky people to use their mobiles to pay for up to £10 worth of tube, bus or tram travel, coffees at Coffe Republic, booze at Threshers and a […]

Consolidation or separation?

Jeff Jarvis reports that he has changed his mind about separation of editorial teams. I was on the side of separation at the beginning of the web and for good reasons. At Advance, where I used to work, we set up separate online operations to make sure that what was made for the web was […]

Site vs. Network

There’s a debate brewing on Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch blog about the merits or otherwise of networks rather and websites. But Glam isn’t really the largest women’s site on the Internet – not by a long stretch. Rather, it’s a collection of a few sites that they own that generate some page views, plus a big […]

User Generated Content vs journalism

A few weeks ago Darren Rowse of ProBlogger was asked to contribute a column to an Australian magazine aboutthe threat to journalism posed by User Generated Content. He was asked to argue for the threat while Phil Mclean, group executive editor at the publishier Fairfax took the opposing view. This question, as always, is not […]

Beatblogging – the future of journalism?

BuzzMachine has an interesting post about beatblogging. It’s well worth a read. Could this be the future of journalism? I think beatblogging can get journalism back to its essential mission, discarding the distractions brought on by the means of production and distribution to which the journalists once had exclusive access. The role of the journalist […]

Guardian in front

BuzzMachine reports that Guardian Unlimited now has a bigger audience online that the New York Times. According to Nielsen/Netratings the Guardian recorded 18.4m users in October compared to 17.5m for NYTimes. Powered by ScribeFire.

Data drives DMGT

paidContent reports that the financial results of DMGT point to success of the data acquisitions compared to the conventional old media assets. The shares have yet to catch up with the news. Powered by ScribeFire.

Second chance with Second Life?

eWeek reports on experiments in a Japanese university where paralyzed people learn to control avatars in Second Life. Electrodes attached to the scalp can pick up electrical charges associated with brain activity and this can be interpreted by a computer to manipulate an online persona. eWeek suggests paralyzed people could one day be able to […]

Google to store data?

CIO Insight reports that Google plans to launch a service to store users’ data quoting a report in the Wall Street Journal – the so-called Gdrive. According to the story users would be able to house files they would normally store on personal computers—such as word-processing documents, digital music, video clips and images—on Google’s computers. […]

Digging WSJ

Kevin Rose, Digg founder, annouces on his blog that the Wall Street Journal has added Digg buttons to its articles. Any articles submitted using the Digg buttons will be able to be read without subscribing. Seems like a great way of promoting premium content through a really powerful promoter. Powered by ScribeFire.