Caroline’s question time…

A question on the level of Integration with the newspaper – there are two separate organisations, she says. The newspaper building is old, a little worn, the founder’s picture is on the wall. The interactive organisation is in Arlington in a steel and glass building. However, she says, there is a lot of interaction – […]

Washington Post – local and international

Caroline Little, ceo and publisher, Washington Post is now on stage. She says it’s 4.30am in the States so she apologies for being half asleep. Her presentation is entitled “Hyperlocal and International”. It sounds like a contradiction, she says, but it is possible if you understand your audience well. has two home pages, a […]


AOP chairman Simon Waldman introduced the day. The theme is “Making it Happen”. We’ve all now got real businesses, with real customers and real revenues. Now we also have spectacular ambitions, he says. The challenge therefore is making it happen. Compere Torin Douglas, the media correspondent of the BBC, introduces the programme. Technorati Tags: AOP […]

AOP Conference

I’m at the AOP conference today at London’s Park Lane Hotel. Interesting line up – no easy access to power so it will be interesting to see if I can get through the day. Technorati Tags: AOP 07

Work 2.0

Scoble uses the announcement of Adobe’s purchase of Virtual Ubiquity to develop a thesis on the Work 2.0 applications now being developed by a wide range of people. This, he argues, is a real challenge to the hegemony of Microsoft, albeit several years off. Worth a read… Technorati Tags: tools, web2