Sharing Google

Google has launched “shared stuff” which is a system for sharing web pages with comments to a page on the web connected to a public profile. A response to Facebook? Maybe. It’s really like a stripped down Google Notebook. Technorati Tags: Google, social media

Gadget Ads

Google is launching Gadget Ads, rich, interactive advertising in Google’s “gadget” widget format which can run anywhere on the Google ad network. The main difference, apart from the flexibility of the rich media environment, is that these ads can be added by users to other sites or to iGoogle pages allowing a viral dimension to […]

News widget

A new widget from the Washington Post provides some insight into the kinds of widgets which could be developed to add value to news in a distributed world. It shows at a glance the major issues and candidates for the US presidency and has a time slider which allows you to compare coverage on each […]

Thunderbird emerges

Mozilla is floating off Thunderbird, its email program, to allow it to follow its own development path, which may include becoming a communications hub for social networks like Facebook, reports PaidContent. Technorati Tags: tools

Google presentation

Google’s long-awaited presentation application has been launched. It’s not very fully-featured but it’s a start and no doubt Microsoft will be watching with great interest. Technorati Tags: Microsoft, Google, tools

Designing for the Web of Data

Tom Coates is designing for a web of data. He works for Brickhouse, a Yahoo! experimental unit. He explores the challenges of helping users navigate paths through the web of data, which he defines as data connected through APIs. The human facing web and the data behind the scenes are getting closer and closer together, […]

The Experience Stack

Matt Webb is on stage to talk about adaptive design. His talk is arranged in alphabetical order. “I wrote down all the things I’m interested in and coerced them into alphabetical order.” By the time he gets to “P” he says this: products should be: shelf demonstrable explainable in a sentence for an audience identifiable […]

Building communities

George Oates and Denise Wilton on stage talking about community. George, principal designer of Flickr, discussed the origins of the site which started out life as an application with network interaction. It migrated to the web to take account of asynchonous requirements of the user base, but she says they are thinking of adding back […]

Good vs Great Design

Cameron Moll, interaction design manager of the LDS Church in Utah, is on stage. He is talking about Good vs Great Design. He recommends the book How Designers Think. He argues that user productivity should trump machine productivity. It’s quicker to boil water for one minute and 11 seconds than one minute and 10 seconds […]