More jobsites for DMGT

PaidContent reports on Daily Mail General Trust’s £10m acquisition of niche jobs board player, which has such sites as, and   Technorati tags: recruitment, M&A

Scoble takes a break

Robert Scoble, famous as the (ex-)Microsoft blogger, is taking a break because he is becoming angry and disillusioned by the blogoshere and all that goes with it.   Tonight I looked over my Twitters and blogs. They are angry. Confrontational. Disturbed. Hurt. Dismayed. Those are not words to describe someone in a state of mind […]

Mapping education

Google Maps has been undergoing a quiet revolution recently with additional functionality like My Maps and the ability to draw polygons and add other attached functionality. This is an excellent example of just where it is going.   Technorati tags: maps

New models of journalism

Jeff Jarvis: journalists need to take responsibility for their economic fate… There is a need for new and innovative journalistic products with sustainable business models, he says in his Guardian column. Journalists have to step up to the plate…   Technorati tags: journalism, business models

More competition for the office

Could Adobe be the next pretender to Microsofts Office crown? Following hard on the heels of the news that Star Office is to ship with Google Pack, Wired speculates that office applications like word processors and spreadsheets would be an obvious next step.   Technorati tags: office, tools

Journalists 4 aggregation

Publish2 is a new venture on the eve of going beta. Founder Scott Karp describes the project thus: Here’s the short version: Publish2 is a social network and 2.0 platform for journalists (and independent “news bloggers,” “citizen” journalists, student journalists, i.e. ALL journalists, BROADLY defined), which aims to put journalists at the center of news […]

EMAP go for behavioural targeting

According to AOP EMAP have become the first UK magazine group to put in behavioural targeting technology which serves up ads based on where a user has been rather than necessarily where they are now. The technology is supplied by Revenue Science (which by the way is a great name for a company!).   Technorati tags: […]

One Laptop Per Child goes beta

There’s an interesting review here of the ground-breaking One Laptop Per Child project’s XO laptop intended for kids in developing nations. It has some startling innovations and is close to its goal of hitting $100 a unit. Technorati Tags: hardware

Twitter in the workplace

Is Twitter suitable as a business tool? CIO Insight argues it might just be and goes on to give some examples of where it might prove its worth. Technorati Tags: business models , social media, tools