More newsroom mergers

News International’s Daily and Sunday newspaper and online teams are to merge, reports the AOP. The company plans to increase its online audience and profitability through this streamlining of online and print editorial teams, and increased use of the web and mobile services to attract a younger demographic, which is less receptive to print. Murdoch’s […]

Extending the power of maps

Google has launched Maplets, widgets that anyone can make to mash up data (say, airports or cheap petrol stations) with Google Maps and then share them with anyone. Technorati Tags: GYM, maps

Measure or die

More on the problem of measurement in a Web 2.0 world from Jeff Jarvis. Problem is, he says, if it’s not measured then advertisers won’t buy it and that would be bad for innovation. He lists maps, widgets and RSS feeds as some example of place where people are spending their time, but which aren’t […]

MediaGuardian Top 100

The Guardian has published its seventh annual Top 100 most powerful people in media (registration needed) – though one of the listings (Facebook at number 100) is a site not a person. Eric Schmidt, Google ceo tops the list, followed by Rupert Murdoch, Mark Thompson, BBC DG, Michael Grade, famous TV mogul and new boss […]

Google to move on Exchange?

EWeek sees the latest Google acquisition of security firm Postini as evidence that it is gearing itself up to challege Exchange in the corporate email space. Technorati Tags: tools

New social networking

Google is working on a new social network called SocialStream which would act as a central point where all contact data from other social networks could be kept and updated. It works on the assumption that the competitors open up their services through APIs and don’t continue as “walled-gardens” as is now the case. Meanwhile, […]

Washignton Post’s online principles

The world famous Washington Post has published its 10 principles of online journalism which among other things commits it to posting “most” scoops online as soon as they happen, and publishing news as it happens 24/7. As Jeff Jarvis points out: good as far as it goes but the paper conspicuously fails to place itself […]

Presentations online for Google

Presentations are soon to join documents and spreadsheets in Google’s suite of online “office” applications. Two recent acquisitions – Zenter and Tonic Systems – will be at the heart of the offering which is promising to debut this summer. Technorati Tags: GYM, tools

More Gov. jobs online

AOP reports that the government intends to push more recruitment advertising of Government positions online. Press will still be used, according to the report, but ads will be smaller and will direct applicants to Government websites. There is a silver lining of sorts for print publishers; apparently the moves will apply to senior jobs only […]