Facebook as the social operating system of the web

Jeff Jarvis again, this time on Facebook, the social networking phenomenon. After opening up to more than college students the site has been growing strongly and the latest innovation has been to allow others to create application to run on the platform. It’s worth reading his account of why he thinks Facebook is going to […]

Advice for media companies

Jeff Javis has an interesting perspective for media companies who he says should look to cultivate talent outside of the organisation. The flip side is his advice to budding journalists – get a beat, blog and you’ll be sought after. Technorati Tags: blogs, newspapers

Surface computing

Microsoft’s R&D organisation have been working on “surface computing’ for some years, but this year, apparently, the first product should start to ship. Techcrunch has the details – and an instructive video from Popular Mechanics. Technorati Tags: computing, tools

Geo tagged photos for Google

I missed this one: Google has bought (for an undisclosed sum) a Spanish company which offers technology which can tie geo-co-ordinates to pictures. Technorati Tags: GYM, photos

Experimental views

Google is experimenting with different ways of viewing results. In addition to the usual list view, there are now also timeline and map views which respectively place results on a timeline (using the dates in the text) or a map (using the location information in the text). Technorati Tags: GYM, search

A glimpse of the future?

Steve Rubel discusses the “World Beam”, a vision of the future where information is amalgamated into a chronological stream of information which can be consumed at will. Technorati Tags: online, predictions

Google OS?

Google moves a little closer to the OS with Google Gears, a downloadable browser plug-in which allows people to run applications offline. Technorati Tags: GYM