Plus box

Google is adding a “plus box” to some of its search results to indicate that there is more information – mainly stock and maps – available through an AJAX interface just by clicking the symbol. Technorati Tags: GYM

Twitter’s big bill?

Steve Rubel is predicting that Twitter could be in difficulties due to a huge SMS bill. He points out that in the States the receiver pays, but elsewhere in the world the sender pays which means growing popularity in the non-US world could spell trouble. Technorati Tags: mobile

New rival to YouTube

NBC and News Corp are joining forces to launch their own video distribution platform which they say will be the “largest advertising platform on earth” reports Wired. Following on the heels of the Viacom $1bn lawsuit this is more evidence of the fightback of old media. Technorati Tags: video

Mags having trouble on the net

Magazines publishers are still puzzling over how to make money on the internet, according to a report from the UK’s Association of Online Publishers. Technorati Tags: magazines, web

Picasa API

The latest addition to the “g-data” family of Google product APIs is one for Picasa Web Albums. It will enable users to add slide shows and other picture applications directly into web sites. Technorati Tags: GYM, tools

Yahoo! launches mobile search

Yahoo! has launched a mobile search service into the US which it say brings back results to the mobile not lists of links. Graphics here.   Technorati tags: GYM, search

Google gears up for local search

Google is ramping up its efforts in local search in the UK by hiring a team of field sale people to target smaller advertisers who traditionally have advertised in the Yellow Pages, other directories or the local papers. Technorati Tags: GYM, search

Page Rank on the move

There appears to be some activity with Google Page Rank, reports Whims and Wonders blog, which noticed some fluctuations in the last day or so. Update: Matt Cutts finally sheds some light on what’s going on: Okay, back on topic. The data for externally visible PageRank didn’t change. The only way someone would notice their […]

Pay for results

Google is launching a “pay for actions” service – advertisers design ads, define the actions that they want from them, and then pay only when the “actions” are completed. Interesting… Technorati Tags: advertising, GYM

Skype futures

Niklas Zennstrom of Skype is quoted by Jeff Jarvis talking about the future. He has some interesting thoughts on what comes next: Skypefind enabling users in 200 countries to find – and rate – businesses (enabling a business model based on advertising and pay-per-lead); enabling user to user commerce using PayPal to make the payment; […]