Trust and Web 2.0

What does it take for customers to trust Web 2.0 companies? asks Steve Rubel. For example, he raves about Netvibes but won’t give them his Gmail username and password as he’s not sure whether or not to trust them – they are French, you see…. Technorati Tags: web2

Yahoo! Answers sponsored questions

Steve Rubel reports on Yahoo! Answers decision to start carrying “sponsored questions” – advertising by another name. The reaction, he says, has mostly been positive from users who recognise that free services need to be commercially supported somehow. However, he says, as the company moves to commericalise its other communities – work is already underway […]

A new paradigm for news?

Jeff Jarvis airs a new rule for journalists: “cover what you do best; link to the rest”. In the rearchitecture of news, what needs to happen is that people are driven to the best coverage, not the 87th version of the same coverage. This will work for publications and news organizations. It will also work […]

Defusing Google Bombs

Matt Cutts posts that Google has changed the algorithm to reduce the effectiveness of so-called Google Bombs – massive link attacks which can return sometimes funny results, as in the celebrated case of the term “miserable failure” which produced George Bush as the first result. Technorati Tags: GYM, search

Yahoo!’s differentiation strategy?

I’m catching up on my feeds and I’ve come across this post on the Yahoo! Search Blog. I wonder if there is more significance here than initially meets the eye. I recently sat down with Gord Hotchkiss over at Search Engine Land for his column titled, “Just Behave” and talked about the power of the […]

Wikipedia and Google – what does the future hold?

There has been much speculation about the commercial future for Wikipedia since remarks at the LIFT conference by Wikipedia Foundation chair Florence Nibart-Devouard that there wasn’t much cash left. Last week she issued a firm statement that Wikipedia wasn’t going to close, but was in need of support. Now John Battelle picks up on the […]

Chelsea signs deal with YouTube

Chelsea FC has struck a deal to show archive and daily news footage on a Chelsea branded page at, reports the Guardian. Broadcasting rights deal prevent live coverage. The content is produced by a JV between Chelsea and BskyB. Technorati Tags: video

Google Apps reaction

Forrester analyst Josh Bernoff has an interesting post reacting to today’s announcement that Google has launched Google Apps, a package of “office” tools designed to compete with Microsoft solutions in smaller companies. The bottom line: the suite won’t be a real threat until they work offline. But it won’t be beyond the wit of Google engineers to […]