Apollo to take off

ZDNet has a good first-hand account of an event where Adobe explains more about its plans for the Apollo platform, which is causing some excitement in the web world at the moment. Technorati Tags: tools, web2

Social site tool

Techcrunch reports on Ning, a tool which allows users to create social networking sites by dragging and dropping site elements into a template. It has been funded mostly by Marc Andreesson, founder of Netscape, who has so far put in $9m. Technorati Tags: social media, tools

Emap reorganises

Emap will announce job losses as part of a £40m two year cost saving initiative which will also equip production teams to work across media, reports the Guardian. An Emap consumer magazines spokeswoman said: “As part of the consultation process, we are proposing to bring production people together in Peterborough into market-specific ‘publishing hubs’ and […]

FT.com stays paid-for

Marjorie Scardino has backed off making ft.com open access, reports PaidContent.org. Apparently, she has had a change of heart after considering the role of the FT in “mediation” in a sea of competing voices. Paying subs were 7% up last year at 90,000.   Tags: newspapers web paidcontent

Newspapers of tomorrow

Jeff Jarvis on the way things used to be in the newspaper world, and the way they will be in the future. Technorati Tags: newspapers, web

Has the English blogosphere peaked?

Researchers from the University of Maryland in Baltimore County (UMBC) have produced some analysis which they say suggests the English speaking blogosphere may have peaked. Technorati Tags: blogs, research

More video tools

A new video editing tool called Mojiti aims to allow in-vido addition of comments to online videos. Technorati Tags: tools, video

Whose top in online news?

PaidContent has the details of the spat between the major newspaper sites in the UK over who is the biggest. The Electronic Telegraph is currently running a campaign claiming that it is the number one “quality” newspaper site – citing Hitwise data to prove it. The Guardian, which uses Nielsen/Netratings data, says that proves Guardian […]