Search with added blogs

Google has added blog search to the standard search blog, according to the Google Operating System blog. All you have to do is add the word “blog” to the end of a search string and the latest blog posts will pop up in a box at the top of the results page. Technorati Tags: blogs, […]

ZDNet test pay per performance

Steve Rubel reports on developments at ZDNet: During a recent interview with Podtech’s Maryam Scoble, Mary Jo Foley revealed that ZDNet has a payment scheme in place that rewards its bloggers based on the number of clicks their posts get. Foley recently left Ziff Davis to become a free agent. Her primary gig involves writing […]


The dos and don’ts of linkbait – the Cornwall SEO blog offers a perspective Technorati Tags: 101

RSS ideas

The Frantic Industries blog has an “RSS Cookbook” which shows 10 ways to extend the power of the RSS. Technorati Tags: 101

Answers from LinkedIn

Corporate networking site LinkedIn is the latest to join the “answers” game with LinkIn Answers. Users can pose questions which other members of the network can answer. Just like Yahoo Answers but for business…

Send a message to Davos

Jeff Jarvis, along with the Guardian and BBC are participating in a project to get as many video questions posted on YouTube as possible, some of which they will get answered on video by the luminaries gathered at Davos. And he points out YouTube’s new “Quick Capture” features which takes over your webcam, so you […]

Video UGC – no cash yet

PaidContent ruminates on a couple of reports which suggest revenue from user-generated content will continue to be small and a compelling business model will prove elusive. Technorati Tags: video

Wikiseek – the next Google?

Steve Rubel ponders the consequences of the launch of Wikiseek – the new search engine from Wikipedia. Could this be a Google-slayer, he asks? Technorati Tags: search

Google, Yahoo! push ahead

John Battelle reports on Comscore’s latest figures on the search market. He notes that in December 2006, Google gained 0.4 share from November, to lead with 47.3% market, and Yahoo! went up 0.3, continuing with the second largest share of 28.5% . Microsoft share dropped 0.5 points to 10.5% share, Ask fell .1 points to […]