Engagement – the new black

Robert Scoble makes an interesting point about quality audiences. He says, and I paraphrase, that one Digg user is worth many more Register users as they are more engaged with the product and do more as a consequence of what they read.

Too many journalists?

Jeff Jarvis weighs in on the debate raging about the downsizing of US newsrooms. He criticised Howard Kurtz (and “most of the newspaper industry”) for missing the point about downsizing. He quotes Roy Greenslade saying: Without wishing to be unduly rude about US journalists, seen from the British perspective, it appears that there are far too […]

The Sun enters the community game

MySun, the community play from The Sun newspaper, quietly launched this week. It allows readers to comment on stories, start their own discussions, launch their own blogs, set up profiles etc.

FT joins the blogosphere

The Financial Times has launched a free daily blog aimed at the financial sector. Called Alphaville it says it offers “instant market insight”.

IBM sues Amazon

eWeek reports that IBM is suing Amazon over the alleged infringements of 18-year-old patents relating to online shopping. The patents that IBM says are being violated are U.S. 5,796,967: Presenting Applications in an Interactive Service; U.S. 5,442,771: Storing Data in an Interactive Network; U.S. 7,072,849: Presenting Advertising in an Interactive Service; U.S. 5,446,891: Adjusting Hypertext […]

AOL’s difficult road

PaidContent.org has a piece analysing the detail of AOL’s move from subscriptions to advertising and setting out just how painful this move might be. It suggests, for example, that it should bring in $140m from advertising in the UK, but that this represents a third of UK subs revenues. The piece quotes Jonathan Milier, ceo, […]

Google’s roll-your-own search

Google has launched its own version of customisable, vertical search, reports John Battelle. The service uses Google Co-op which the company admits has stalled a bit since launch, and differs from other offerings, like Rollyo, by allowing any number of domains to be searched, filtering for particular pages, and adjustment of the weighting of results. […]

Google Reader

I’ve been a long time fan of Newsgator – especially when used as a plug-in to Outlook, but I’ve been taking another look at Google Reader which relaunched recently. I’m impressed by a lot of the features, especially the way it is so easy to share blog posts on a public page – here’s mine. […]