To blog or not to blog?

Steve Rubel lays out the pros and cons of allowing bloggers to blog live from conferences. I have to say I’m with him – blogged conferences are much, much more interesting, lively, interactive etc etc etc.

Google goals

An  internal paper which sets out Google’s goals as a business has been seen by Google Blogoscoped and the highlights drawn out.

Express outsourcing

The Daily Express has decided to outsource its business section the Press Association. This is part of a campaign to cut 60 jobs, reports the Guardian.

Google to beef up ad options?

There are signs that Google is developing its advertising model, according to John Battelle. He quotes from Read/Write Web that this possible reconfiguration of the advertising model by Google is similar to what Microsoft and IBM have already done: One interesting sub-plot here is that Google needs more “inventory” to sell the different flavors of advertising. […]

US newspapers traffic surge

Jeff Jarvis reports that US newspapers have enjoyed a surge in traffic. Quoting the Newspaper Association he says: On average, over 56.9 million people visited newspaper sites each month in Q3 2006, up almost 24 percent since Q3 2005. . . . The group earlier this month reported unique visitors to newspaper sites rose 31 […]