Made in Switzerland

Time was when virtually all goods used in the West were “made in Hong Kong” (now, of course, it’s “made in China”). In a supreme piece of irony this shower curtain hanging in a bath in a luxurious Hong Kong hotel was made in that bastion of low-cost manufacturing – Switzerland. 

One in four youngsters read blogs

More from Charlene Li: Listen up marketers: 24% of Gen Yers read blogs. Referring to Forrester’s own demographic reserach she cautions that marketers should make future media consumption assumptions with great care. She notes at a quarter of Generation Y (18 to 26-year-olds) read blogs compared with only 7% of Young Boomers (41-50-year-olds) – the […]

Mixi – Japan’s My Space

Forrester analyst Charlene Li blogs about Mixi – Japan’s top social network. She outlines some of the financial dynamics and some of the characteristics which make it tick.

Time concentrates on block busters

Time Inc has announced that it is to sell 18 of its niche magazines, reports in order to concentrate “energy, resources and investment on our largest and most profitable brands, brands that have demonstrated an ability to draw large audience in print and digital form”.

RSS – Still the First Inning

Interesting piece from Steve Rubel on his views on the future of RSS in marketing. His take – we may be reaching a tipping point but there is a long way to go before we are anywhere near tapping the full potential.

Digg for showbiz is a site which aims to emulate Digg functionality but for entertainment content. Only an Alexa rank of 366,000 so far, but it will be interesting to see if it takes off.

Conference 2.0

Robert Scoble on SAP’s blogger-friendly community conference featuring a board where participants can write up what sessions they want, and complete with special registration and badges for bloggers.