50 coolest websites

Time magazine has produced it’s list of the 50 coolest websites. Bound to be a controversial list; here’s what they say about the criteria: “How do we select our finalists? We evaluate hundreds of candidates—some suggested by readers, colleagues and friends, others discovered during countless hours of surfing.”

Web 2.0, publishers and business models…

A couple of weeks ago Michael Arrington of Techcrunch got together with a number of startup CEOs and executives to video a discussion about Web 2.0. Participating in the discussion were Aaron Cohen (Bolt), Scott Milener and Steven Lurie (Browster), Keith Teare (edgeio), Steven Marder (Eurekster), Joe Kraus (JotSpot), Jeremy Verba (Piczo), Auren Hoffman (Rapleaf), […]

Viewers to interact with Beeb through web cams

“Converged” video company All New Video has launched a series of converged 3G, IP video and VoIP calling services that will allow increased interactivity between BBC viewers and News television programs, the company has announced. “BBC viewers will be asked to call into the show from their phone, PCs and 3G mobile video phones. Once […]

Ofcom identifies the online generation

The emergence of a mainly online generation of customers is revolutionising both media and telecom markets, says Ofcom, whose annual report is quoted by the AOP. Customers are taking advantage of falling prices encouraged by competition and are increasing their use of broadband internet, digital TV and radio and mobile phones Ofcom’s annual communications market […]

Advertisrs want audits

Stevel Rubel reports that big advertisers are insisting on independent 3rd party traffic audits using sites like Hitwise or ComScore and that by 2008 they will want auditing of ad serving technology being used.

Blogs boost internet

The internet grew by 4.4 million host names in July reports Steve Rubel (quoting Netcraft) , the largest such rise in one month – ever. And he says the rise has been driven by blogging with Microsoft adding 858,000 new “Spaces” and Blogger adding 568,000 new blogs.