TV vs. YouTube

iJeff Jarvis makes much of the fact that Nielsen report on the lowest-ever ratings by the network TV companies in the US and its co-incidence with the news that YouTube is now serving 100 million videos a day. “Insert apocalyptic punchline here,” he says.

Developer wars

Robert Scoble, the ex-Microsoft blogger, has an interesting post on the coming “developer wars”. He believes there are a few essentials: developers need a platform that is fast, has a load of storage, has powerful APIs and is cheap/free. He assesses the current players against these criteria. The winner? Probably Google, but don’t count out […]

Dabbling in video

Dabble, a video search service, launches in “private beta” – which means give them your email address and you might get invited to try it out.

digging for bargains

John Batelle blogs about, a US site which combines shopping and digg-like functionality to bring bargains to users. Hot deals get to the front page by users votes. It’s self-billed as a combination of Digg and, for which one of the DP co-founders also serves as President. From the press release: “… is […]

India bloggers not amused

Indian bloggers are up in arms, says the BBC, following an apparent ban by the Government of various blogging platforms. Although the Government is not saying much, it is believed it is a response to the Mumbai bombing and an effort to curb the activities of terrorists. However, this is not how it is being […]

Google Finance improves

Google has upgraded its beleaguered finance service with a slew of improvements in response to comments from users. The blog has the details.

IM beats email

According to the Associated Press for many youngsters email is now old-hat. They prefer the immediacy of instant messaging, texting and social networks like My Space. “It used to be just fun,” says Danah Boyd, a doctoral candidate who studies social media at the University of California, Berkeley. “Now it’s about parents and authority.” It […]

Gawker splits

Gawker Media, Nick Denton’s blog empire, is terminating its traffic deal with Yahoo! Nick says: The bald truth is that the deal, which we announced in November, garnered way more attention than we expected, but less traffic. A few new readers probably discovered Gawker, or one of the other four sites that we syndicated to […]