Another book in blog

Bob Garfield is the latest author to write a book as a blog. He warns that his employer will own everything – comments and all – but still it’s another example of a book as a living thing being created in public.

Comcast takes action

A technician for US cable company Comcast who fell asleep in a customer’s home while waiting an hour on hold to his own company’s customer support, has been sacked after a video of the event was posted on YouTube. Some 300,000 people have watched the video.

“To google” makes it into the dictionary

According to Resource Shelf “to google ” is now officially a verb as it is included in the latest edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. The definition: “To use the Google search engine to find information on the Internet. trans. To search for information about (a person or thing) using the Google search engine.”

US paper to provide free WiFi

Paidcontent reports on plans by a North Carolina newspaper to provide local free WiFi. Publisher David Woronoff explains: “The Pilot’s mission is to serve Moore County and we think the technology has advanced to the point that we can help bind the community together in a dynamic and compelling way with The Pilot’s products and […]

Web ads up by 62%

Says the Association of Online Publishers UK internet advertising spend has achieved a record rise of 62.3 per cent according to official research released by the Advertising Association.

Google Checkout is born

Google’s long-awaited payments system was finally launched this week under the name Google Checkout rather than the much-anticipated Gbuy. The service will be offered to existing advertisers only, at least for now, and Google has announced an attractive incentive to stimulate take-up. Says Wired: Merchants won’t have to pay processing fees on purchases totaling 10 […]

Gmail goes mobile

Google has announced that its Gmail web email service will be available on mobile phones. “To access Gmail, users simply visit through the web browser on their mobile phone and sign in to their Gmail account as they would on the web. Because every mobile device is different, Gmail automatically optimizes the interface for […]

Jellyfish means discounts

A new shopping comparison site which is slightly different model has launched. has signed up retailers who may the site a commission on all sales, at least half of which is shared with the shopper. In a transparent shopping enviornment on the web it is difficult to believe that the discounted rate is truly […]