Everybody’s a network

Jeff Jarvis on the value of networks. His conclusion is: “in the end, is only that we are entering uncertain and uncharted waters in fluid networks. It’s not clear where the value will be captured and how it will be shared.” But it’s worth reading his arguments…

Social Networks Attract Nearly Half Of All Web Users

According to TechNet Social Networks Attract Nearly Half Of All Web Users. “The top 10 sites collectively grew 47 percent in the United States from the same month a year ago to 68.8 million unique visitors, Nielsen/NetRatings said. The sites reached 45 percent of active Web users,” they say.

Second Life Land Deal Goes Sour

“In what might be a first-of-its-kind lawsuit, a Pennsylvania lawyer is suing the publisher of the rapidly growing online world Second Life, alleging the company unfairly confiscated tens of thousands of dollars worth of his virtual land and other property.” From Wired News.

10 Things

10 Things You Might Not Know About Google from Seth Finkelstein’s Infothought blog.

BBC gives second life to Radio One

The BBC is rapidly getting a reputation for ground-breaking forays into the new media space, and the latest, the “simulcasting” of the Radio One Music Festival within Second Life is a good case it point. According to paidContent.org the Beeb “has “bought” a virtual tropical island within the Second Life world, and the radio network […]