Journalists and SEO

Jeff Jarvis deals with the issue of journalists writing for search engines. He acknowledges that it is an issue which causes mixed feelings, but comes down strongly on the side of writing for the search engines.

Google buys new search algorithm

Google has apparently beaten off competition from Yahoo! and MSN to buy Orion, a search engine which aims to help filter results more effectively, according to Techtree. The algorithm behind the search was written by Ori Alon, an Israeli student from the University of New South Wales.

Listening to your blogs

A new service called Talkr will take any RSS feed and convert the text to speech so that you can subcribe to the resulting stream as a Podcast. How’s that for convergence?

Jobs zeitgeist

Recruitment site Jobster publishes a weekly jobs zeitgeist which shows the most popular job types, those that are growing the most and those which are falling in popularity the most. Simple but effective.

Visit the dentist

The first visits to the dentist were possibly around 7,000 BC, according to Nature magazine via Wired News which says research found at least nine skulls with 11 drill holes in a Pakistan graveyard. Doesn’t bear thinking about.

Paid content drops in UK

The AOP Census 2006 shows that for the first time in its four-year history the number of publishers charging for online content has dropped (from 63% in 2005 to 37% in 2006).

“How I Work”

Steve Rubel, inspired by a Forbes series called “How I Work“, decided to write his own. He says he “works Web 2.0 style” and tell you what programs he uses to achieve it.