US newspapers fight back

The Newspaper Association of America launches an ad campaign which aims to present the medium as relevant to today’s world. Judge for yourself if they have succeeded – or just scored an own-goal.

WWPC – the next big (small) thing?

Interesting post about the wrist-worn PC or “WWPC” being touted by Eurotech. The phrase I like most in the short piece (which has a picture) is: “the device is not yet available in product form”. 🙂

personomies join folksonomies

What are personomies?: “personal information environment” – the information environment I have built over time, independently of any platform or system. Personomies include contacts, purchases, health records, search history, emails, rss feeds, IMs, voip calls, comments on blogs…etc…any tiny bit of data that is logged and can be tracked back to me belong in my […]

Web 2

I have been asked to put together a short (15 minutes) presentation next week on Web 2.0 for an offsite meeting. Borrowing liberally from Tim O’Reilly’s excellent primer and with some images from Dion Hinchcliffe’s Flickr slide show on the subject, I put together the following:- First off, Tim’s list (apparently brainstormed with John Batelle) […]