Reuters wiki

Reuters has just launched a financial glossary which has been set up as a wiki. There is no reason on earth what b2b publishers shouldn’t do this in practically every sector – and the fact that, as far as I can see, very few (if any) have done so says a lot about the traction […]

The “magic middle”

David Sifry has some interesting stats and thoughts on the state of the blogsphere including what he is calling “the magic middle” – specialised, vertical blogs which exert great influence in their sectors. This sound quite a bit like the role that b2b media plays/used to play…

Guardian moves

The Guardian is gearing up for a major push into online interactivity, according to

Online Inventory

Paid Content has a piece aboutthe online inventory crunch which is happening, they say, because demand is outstripping supply online.

What’s Rocketboom Worth? $40,000

How much is five days of advertising slots on the niche but trendy vblog Rocketboom worth?$40,000. The winner TRM, a little-known ATM and photocopier company, stands to get a lot of additional publicity in the blogsphere thrown in.

Making comments navigable

Comments are the last unnavigable area of the web and coComment, a start up in beta phase, aims to change that by allowing users to leave “breadcrumb trails” all around the web where they leave comments. Where this all leads remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting development… For the moment, sign up is […]