The EU will shortly have its own alternative to Google and Yahoo! in the shape of Quaero, a multi-partner, multi-language “second generation” multi-media search project. What are the chances you’ll set your homepage to Quaero rather than Google?

China becomes number 2 online

China now has the second largest online population in the world according to SmartMob reporting US-based research firm eTForecasts. Some 20 millon Chinese went on line last year pushing the total to 120 million, second place in the world rankings. The US share slipped to 18% and will continue to slide as the developing nations, […]

Million Dollar Home Page

The curious story of the Million Dollar Home Page takes an interesting turn as the last 1,000 pixels are auctioned on eBay. As of this moment the going price is $160,000! And there are three days left to go! If you are not familiar with the story, the site was set up by 21-year-old Alex […]

Trust in online sources

Jeff Jarvis in BuzzMachine cites a survey in the last edition of Advertising Age which carried a survey asking which sites provided the most reliable source of information on the web. In the US Yahoo came top (11.3%) then MSN (10.4%), Google (9.9%), CNN (8%), AOL (5.2%) and Consumer Reports (3.1%). Google scored first among […]

Electronic publisher that also prints a magazine

MIT’s august Technology Review is cutting its frequency and beefing up its online offering reports PaidContent.org. The publisher says: “”Technology Review has been a print magazine with a website; from now on, we will be an electronic publisher that also prints a magazine.”

Using web stats to tune content

There’s a great column from The Seattle Times which examines the most popular stories from 2005 according to web stats analysis and concludes that the “soft” stories, so often discounted by journalists, are actually the ones that are the most read. It also mentions a Chilean newspaper Las Últimas Noticias which has gone the whole […]

A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Internet commentator Clay Shirky wrote a very interesting piece on the dynamics of internet communities which I found contained some real insights for those of us interested in building up these interest groups. Particularly interesting is the notion that pure democracy is the enemy of the successful online community. Worth the read, even though it […]

Google and AOL

There’s an old saying that if you owe the bank £100, you have a problem; but if you owe the bank £1m, then the bank has a problem. This is the reason most commonly credited as being behind the AOL/Google deal. The $300m earned from AdSense on the AOL portal was just too large a […]

Yahoo Options in Demand

Looks like it’s not just me reading the tealeaves about web advertising in 2006… if eWeek’s reading of the reasons behind Yahoo’s share price movements are correct