20 Search Tips

A good presentation by Mary Ellen Bates of Bates Information Services in the US listing her top 20 search tips. These were a little oriented to the research community but interesting nevertheless. I arrived a little late so I only caught 19 of the 20 but I’ve asked for the presentation so. I’ll update later […]

Shell knowledge system

Peter Breithaupt from Shell talked about a start-up called Shell Energy Efficiency which builkt in knowledge management from day one. The company offers energy efficieny advice to companies on a shared benefit basis and the problem is there are a thousand engineers scattered around the world and often the expertise in, say, papermills is not […]

Traffic up

Traffic is rising briskly on the major US newspapers’ websites, according to The Kelsey Group.

Ten Technorati Hacks

Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion site lists “Ten Technorati Hacks” which is a very useful introduction to the service. Technorati should be in the workflow of all journalists at RBI.