Goof Lets Times’ Content Go Free

Wired News reports on a blog which has been set up to show readers how to find free content through affiliates sites, even though the NYTimes has put its content behind a pay wall.

User generated content

The Kelsey Group has a piece assessing the significance of the user created content phenomenon which they conclude “is one of the most interesting things happening on the web” at the moment.

Podcasters Fire Radio Station

According to this press release two local radio hosts got get up with their station and “fired” it – leaving to set up a podcasting service of their own. It had to happen: technology tips the balance of power between the journalists and their companies…

I’m not alone…

It is gratifying that quite a few of you took up my email invitation to take a look a the blog before the editor’s conference next week. It’s a shame more of you aren’t looking more regularly as I’m posting content most days…

PDC Bloggers

Every year Microsoft runs an event called the PDC (Professional Developer’s Conference, which is a crucial aspect of their communication programme for developers. Developers are a very important community for Microsoft as the more applications which take advantage of the Microsoft platform, the more money MS makes from the core technologies and the greater the […]

Hurricane Katrina Timeline

Hurricane Katrina Timeline is a wiki set up to help people collaborate on a record of the disaster. It has a precident – the 9/11 Timeline which is still going thanks to public donation and participation.